Ripple tecPATH_DRY error

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If you are trying to  do a payment transaction and using issued currency (eg. USD) for the payment, you may come across below error during the transaction : 

{ resultCode: 'tecPATH_DRY',  resultMessage: 'Path could not send partial amount.' }

The reason for above error is that for transactions involving issued currency , a trustline has to be established between sender and receiver before doing the actual transaction like Payment. 


To fix the issue, create a trustline transaction as illustrated below . Note that the counter party in the trustline should be sender address and the trustline transaction should be prepared and signed by receiver as highlighted in bold below.

//payload for trustline

trustlineTxtJSON = {}
signed_tx = api.sign(trustlineTxtJSON, receiverSecret)

Once you have the trustline created , you can execute your payment (or other transactions) using the issued currencies.


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